face stocks

When deciding on a label face stock you will need to consider:

  • budget: balance between price & performance.
  • final appearance: glossy, matt, textured or metallic look.
  • printability: will it work through a printer.
  • end use: what it is applied to plus any temperature exposure.

Face Stocks come in many variations of 2 main types: Paper or Synthetic

1) Paper Based Face Stocks

  • Made of material converted from wood to paper.
  • Suitable for most dry environments.
  • Very popular for fast moving items required for short term use.
  • Are highly versatile, economic and achieve outstanding print results.

2) Synthetic (or Filmic) Face Stocks

  • Plastic or filmic in construction (won't tear in both directions).
  • Used where durability is required (moisture, chemical or temperature).
  • Popular with bottles being recycled.
  • 3 main types of synthetic material:
  • PE: Polyethylene (where squeezability is required)
    PP: Polypropylene (durable and available in clear)
    PET: Polyester (used for resistance to water, oil or chemicals)

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