Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Labels

Trust is a major component of your brand’s success and labeling is a critical component of packaging. Labels provide an aesthetic and functional role of ensuring security, safety and traceability. Quality Assurance, Health & Safety statements and regulatory requirements regarding the conformity of products, line clearance and TGA compliance are all essential factors when printing pharmaceutical labels. Trade Labels have extensive knowledge of the range of specialist face stocks, materials and adhesives to meet industry requirements:

    • Premium Product Labels, Tags and Product Packaging.
    • ISO certification for traceability, roll identification & source stock.
    • Blank and thermal labels suitable for batch numbers and expiry dates.
    • Promotional Labels, Tags and Shelf Wobblers.
    • Stock options for no residue, tolerance to steam or sterilsing units.
    • Small diameter container applications like test tubes or vials.
    • Labels suitable for thermal, laser or digital overprinting with vital information.
    • Security measures to prevent tampering or counterfeiting & preserve essential info.
    • Carton & Dispatch Labels.
    • Thermal & Digital Printers to print your own labels.