Automotive Labels and Tyre labels

Automotive labels
service labels & lube labels, windscreen labels, customised oil & product labels as well as bumper stickers 
are just part of the way the automotive industry keeps in the minds of its consumers. At Trade Labels we have cost-effective and quality solutions to ensure that customers retain labels that encourage repeat business and provide timely reminders for service information . Ask us about our range of customised options available to ensure your telephone number and details are on-hand and in sight when customers book their next appointment.

Tyre labels
As a originally specific stock to adhere to the rough surface of tyres, tyre stock has developed a number of applications for difficult to adhere to substrates. The aggressive adhesive provides superior bonding with even the most difficult surfaces while allowing the label to be removed cleanly without leaving adhesive behind. The benefit of this stock is that it can be printed fully or overprinted with variable information including brands, types, dimensions and barcodes .

Tyre stock can come in a selection of materials with a matt paper face and either an aluminium barrier on the underside or a filmic PP material. The aluminium version has a layer that prevents components from both the tyre and adhesive from migrating through to the face. A second positive side to the aluminium layer is its ‘memory folding’ property, which helps the label conform and stay fixed to the tyre profile.

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