Promotional Labels

In sales, every label is a promo label, however true marketing campaigns will often utilise the power of promotional or display labels to captivate an audience through eye-catching designs and offers specifically labelled to highlight difference.

Promotional labels are ideal for creating promotional synergies across a product range for a specific promotion, or may be used to cross-promote complimentary products in a range.

They can come in the form of direct labelling, booklet labels, coupon labels as well as a range of removable label options. They have traditionally been used to highlight discounting or giveaways but with a little creativity can build brand loyalty by engaging consumers in your products or social media pages with offers of recipes, free samples of products or by linking to your network of users.

As with all promotional materials you want maximum exposure for your dollars and Trade Labels have a range of cost-effective and creative ways to help you achieve success with your marketing campaigns.