finishes & embellishments

These are the ways we enhance the aesthetics of a label, but can also have a pragmatic purpose to improve the performance or life of the label. There are many options available to create stunning effects: special inks, varnishes, laminates, foils and embossing.


  • A clear ink used for added protection or to give a higher gloss finish.
  • Comes in a matt, gloss or satin (a mix of the two) finishes.
  • Also Thermal Transfer Varnishes in Matt or Gloss for use with label stocks that will be overprinted through a thermal printer.

raised screen (high build) varnish:

  • A special varnish that creates a textured or high-build finish to highlight specific areas on a label.
  • Used extensively in wine and cosmetics or to create a high-end finish.


  • Clear plastic film applied to the label surface for added protection and a high gloss finish.
  • 2 types of laminate: 1) laminating film (shorco), and 2) self-adhesive clear laminate.

a) laminating film (shorco)

  • Lower cost clear plastic non-adhesive film (usually 15 micron)
  • Applied by glue then ‘cured’ through a UV lamp.

b) self-adhesive clear laminate

  • Film that has a self-adhesive backing and applied by roller.
  • A thicker finish (usually around 40 micron).

foiling (cold-foil or hot-stamping):

  • Foiling or 'hot foil stamping' is the process of applying a metallic foil finish to labels.
  • We utilise both hot and cold foiling techniques.
  • Popular for creating highlights and premium metallic finishes.
  • Available in a range of colours including gold, silver & bronze.
  • Colours and holographic patterns available for specialty finishes.


  • A technique for creating texture or a 3-dimensional raised finish.
  • Achieved by pressing the label stock onto an embossing block or plate.
  • This dimensional feel is popular with insignias, logos and text.

light-fast inks:

  • Describes inks that remain stable in the outdoor elements for a period of time up to around 9 months.
  • If you require a longer application period than this for outdoor then you may need to consider screen print as an option.

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