meat & poultry solutions

Trade Labels proudly supply leading processors in the meat industry. Changing market conditions has seen the industry adopt dynamic innovations to increase domestic & export sales. Colourful food approved inks is a popular way to establish stronger brand identity for premium products. We have a wide range of materials suitable for this purpose and Trade Labels have approval to print AQIS/MAF labels and tags:

  • Premium product labels, custom sleeves & product packaging.
  • Carcass tags, meat inserts and carton labels.
  • Blank and thermal labels including scale labels.
  • Nutritional panels, sequential numbering and barcodes (2D & QR).
  • Promotional labels, tags & inserts to 'stand out'.
  • Stock options to withstand cold, moisture, freezers or oils.
  • Carton & dispatch labels.
  • Thermal printers, ribbons & consumables.

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