label material that allows PET recycling into rPET

CleanFlake™ is label material that enables recycling

CleanFlake™ label material features a water-based adhesive which cleanly separates during the recycling process. 

Designed for use on PET bottles and thermoform containers. PET is 100% recyclable, however standard PS labels and shrink labels can limit recyclability. Leftovers from adhesive, ink and face stock contaminate the flakes during the recycling process and prevent reuse for food packaging. 

CleanFlakeLabels enable the full recyclability of PET and thermoform containers. The unique adhesive ensures performance throughout the packaging lifecycle. During the recycling process the caustic wash deactivates the adhesive allowing a clean separation. Labels float to the top of the bath holding the ink and adhesive, leaving clean PET flakes free of any contamination.

    • enables true bottle to bottle recycling;
    • saving precious natural resources; and
    • reduces the impact on the environment.

Available in clear or white BOPP film facestocks and semi-gloss paper.
Learn more at: CleanFlake™ Labels     and     Ask us now for a sample of CleanFlake Labels.


what does self-laminating mean?

After the details are filled in on the tag, the customer can remove the release off the laminate flap and stick over the text to protect it.


recommended materials:

PE Matt White: can be written on and is flexible for application also available in PP & Vinyl.


supplied as:

labels can be supplied on rolls, sheeted or fan-folded.
test tag labels are supplied with a perforation between each tag (for easy-tear).
fan-folded in packs of 100 is the most common.

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